Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Location For An Old Mantel

Hello Everyone.
Hope your week is going good.

I had to look at the calendar this week to see it really is October here in Chicago land!  We have had temperatures in the 80's and high 70's this week.  Crazy.  It is suppose to drop this weekend back to the normal temps of 50's for us.  With being a summer girl I will take all these nice days as they happen.  We all know what will be coming soon Ugh!!!!!!

Ok I showed you in my last post that I did a switch a roo with some things in my living room decor.

I got a new architectural piece and that started a whole change for the living room!  

This is the new piece of chippy goodness.

It needed a mantel below it.  Down came the vintage mantel I had hanging in the master bedroom.
This was my vignette on this wall for summer.  Those things are all put away now for the fall and winter months.

So this mantel needed a pretty vignette added.

Found these lovelies in storage.  They needed to be rewired to work as lamps.  Since I did not need any new lamps  I  asked Terry to do his magic and make these into candles sticks for me.

Ta Da!!!!  We kept the marble base, took off that ugly metal base under the marble base and painted these white with a cream paint wash.    Terry added this candle stick piece to the top from some old candle sticks he found at Goodwill.  Love the marble and crystal accents on these now.

They look sweet with my angels on the mantel.

Moved my gather sign and sitting angel to the mantel too.

I am liking the serenity and peaceful feel of the mantel vignette.

As the holidays approach I can see lots of pretty with this mantel for Christmas.

Have a super next couple of days and a wonderful weekend.
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Monday, October 17, 2016

Switch A Roo

Happy New Week Everyone.

This week end Terry and I went junkin and found a new treasure that made my heart sing.  I will give you a sneak peak at that later in this post.

Remember how I had this old vintage door hanging behind my re loved chest in the living room.

It looked good here but when I got my new window from our trip to Michigan I felt like it was competing too much with that being right next to it over the couch.

New Window from Michigan trip.

Just a wee bit too much Architectural happening on this small wall!  If I have learned one thing with my decor crazy it is that sometimes I have to try something and live with it for a little while to see if the look is going to work.  While these pieces are beautiful alone they were not working well too close together.

This was my angel up over the mantel in my bedroom.

Very pretty up in my bedroom but I ended up moving that mantel out of our room for a new place in the house which you will see in later post.  So without the mantel she needed a new place too.

The door came down from behind this chest and my angel on the old chippy window went up in it's place.  Softer and more serene.

Found this pretty and chippy and full of character architectural piece this week end at a cute shop I frequent in Geneva.  Denise's Adornments Shop.

Sneak peak at the new place this architectural piece has over the mantel moved from the Master Bedroom to the living room.  I hope to have this area done this week to show you the completed new design for this space.

My chippy cottage sign got a new home too over the china cabinet.

Hoping to finish up the new look of the mantel moved to the living room this week along with my new architectural piece as the center piece.  So stay tuned for this change up.  Have a great day and always thank you for spending time on my blog and leaving your sweet comments.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall on the Porch

I have my Harvest Angel on my front door.

I have had this angel for many years.  Takes me back to my primitive decor days.  Always have loved her.

Old chippy chair dressed up for fall.  Just ignore that tag on the mums.  I did not notice that until after I posted this picture lol!

New pretty front door mat.

I added these wreaths to my two garage door lights.

I made this wreath for the little window on the side of the garage leading up to the front door.

I miss my sweet summer flowers but welcome in Fall.  I can hardly wait for summer to start again next year to see pretty flowers blooming once again.
Happy Fall.  Have a wonderful week.
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fun Market and White Cabinets

Hi Everyone.  Happy Saturday.

I took a "Mental Health" day yesterday and went out with a friend to a fun market I want to share with you.  It was my friends birthday celebration together.  We had a great time.

This is a fun market we go to each year called Nellie's Barn Sale.  Lot's of great vendors.

I loved these mugs.  The tractor says Rush Hour and the old milk cans above on that mug say Morning Latte.  Just too cute.

A really fun place to sit and rest after shopping!!!!

A fun place to sit and have a frosty or warm beverage.

One of my fave vendors is Jeanine at Chippy Shabby.  One of the sweetest.  I have so many of her chippy white treasures in my home.  It was fun to see her.

Jeanine had this cute pillow in this absolutely adorable metal cart in her booth.

This booth had lots of fun vintage camping.  

My friend captured this beautiful angel to take home.  Isn't she  sweet.  Cute story about this sweet angel.  She is very very heavy for such a little thing.  Both of us with our hands full started to the car.  My friend was struggling with her to get to the car.   As we were heading out this man came out of nowhere and said ladies can I be of assistance and help you.  OMG what an angel.  He hoisted this sweet angel up in his arms and walked with us to the car.  It was angelic and divine intervention to have this man come out of a sea of women and offer to help us.  Made us both smile.

Now on to the kitchen!!!!!

On the door going to our basement in the kitchen I hung this old frame and knob hanger to bling up the door and have a place to hang my apron.

Ok I did not like the antique finish I did to the cabinets last week!  So we took them back to white.  

Much better in white.

Sometimes you have to play with paint to find out what you like best.  I think the classic white cabinets looks the best in my kitchen.

  The sun is shining this morning.  It is chilly sweater weather this week end for us but with the sun out it feels great.

Hope you all have a great weekend and wonderful start to the new week.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dishwasher Up Do

Hi Everyone,
Hope your week is going great. 
I wanted to show you my simple dishwasher up do.

Just a plain Jane dishwasher in white.  Nothing too special about it.  She needed a little bling!

 I had these old vintage frames and this count your blessings stenciled piece of wood.  Terry with his trusty tools mounted all of these pieces to a piece of plywood and then attached it to the dishwasher.  I did the happy dance when I saw they would all fit together.

Gives the dishwasher a little face lift.  Not so plain Jane anymore.

I was on a roll and decided to spruce up the ugly back door that leads to the garage.  It is a required fire door so it is heavy and ugly and cannot be replaced with something prettier.  It needed something done to it too.

I painted the door a light gray and then had Terry cut down this old Cottage Nest door that I had out in my old garden.  It was so worn and weathered but we were able to salvage some of the door.
We framed it with an old vintage frame and hung it on the painted gray door.

I have had this old painted door for many years.  Love the soft gray and blue tones that have weathered on this door through the years.  It made me sad that this piece was being stored in the basement.  It was a happy day to bring her out of the basement and into my decor.   It gave this ugly door some personality.

While I was on a roll!!! I decided to antique the cabinet fronts like I did to the refrigerator and pantry door.  Just a subtle touch of french antique gray.  Just gives the cabinets a little dimension.

Well it was a busy week for me in the kitchen.  Amazing what you can do with just a little paint and some old vintage salvage pieces.
Have a great rest of the week and wonderful week end.

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