Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rescued Door

Good Sunday Morning to all of you.  I was at Habitat Restore looking for an old armoire when I came across this door that was in the clearance area.  They get one week in the clearance bin and then it is out to the trash.  WHAT?!!!!  Something with good bones and history out to the trash.  No way.
The door whisper in me came out and I called Terry over to check out this door.  I got the eye roll and the comment "Where on earth are you thinking of putting that?!!!!"

Yep it was one of these moments!!!!

This picture really does not show it too much but the door was pretty scratch and in bad shape on the one side of the door.  I still was determined she was worth saving.

As you can see the back side of this door looked like someone started to sand it down.  So Terry said he would sand the front so it could take paint.  Shocker I wanted to use White Paint on this old girl!!!!

Terry has this bin in the garage that has all kinds of broken and misfit things in it.  He found these old chippy hinges in the box to attach to this door. Love that he has that bin with cool things in it.

He used a metallic spray paint that gave the hardware a silver grey antique look.
This is how the pantry looked.  Just a stock closet door that I had white washed and antiqued with gray paint and wax awhile back.

This is where I envisioned the new "old" door to go.

Off came the closet bi fold doors.

New pretty "old" door.  Sorry but there is no way to get a good pretty white picture in this corner of my kitchen.  I have to stand in the hall to get the angle of this and there is no natural light.  Plus it has been very cloudy and rain filled days.  Would love to see some sun.  Trust me this door and her new hardware blend in nicely in my kitchen.

Loved rescuing this old vintage door and re loving her in my home.

Have a great start to the new week ahead.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dreaming In Color

I thought I would share something my heart is longing for.  This Chippy White Neutral Chick is dreaming of color, flowers, and sunshine and a comfy lounger for taking a summer nap.

While we are looking at this for the next few months.

I want to think about.....

Color, fresh air, sunshine!  Yep even us white and neutral decor girls need some color in our lives.  I find mine each and every summer through my garden.

Outdoor places during the summer.  Garden retreats are near and dear to my heart and I always carve out a space for a summer outdoor lounging spot in my garden.

These next pictures are from my past garden spaces.  Ohhhh how I cannot wait for Spring and Summer here in the Midwest.  I miss my sweet lounge chair and flowers.

Summer 2014

A few years ago I had an old vintage twin bed out on my deck that my lounge chair fit.  Loved this space.  Held up great through the summer.

I long to bring out my summer lounger once again.  Ahhhh, love to surround my outdoor space with flowers, chandeliers and a comfy lounger to rest, read and soak up the sun.

Sweet scents from flowers, sunshine and birds singing make my heart sing.

Courtesy of Aiken House & Garden.  Ahhhh.
This girl gets it too.

So as we wait for the seasons to change and summer to return we can dream of our outdoor spaces to be.
If you would like some more outdoor garden space ideas you can go to my pinterest board here.

It's nice to dream about what is to come!!!! Hopefully a lot sooner than later!!!

Have a great rest of this week.

I have a little post coming up very soon on this beautiful piece of history I rescued. 

This pretty vintage door is going to find a new home and purpose in Junk Chic Cottage.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Meaningful Signs

Happy Sunday my friends.
I am just enjoying going into the new year with renewed hope and inspiration.

I am not a big fan of the months of January and February in the Midwest.  So cold and not too much going on. To fight the winter blues I am hoping to start some projects for the new year.

Probably nothing real big but little projects to brighten up the cottage over the winter months.

I was looking around my home and realized I have a collection of beautiful sayings and signs in my decor.  Thought I would share a few with you today
This is probably my favorite saying I put on the staircase wall up stairs.  Each morning this saying greets me to start my day.
Good message to start each day with.

Another sweet sign I have in my living room.
I like to think of my home as a cozy nest.  So anytime I can find a nesting sign I will put it somewhere in my home.

Always need a chippy cottage sign!

I have this one over my nightstand in our bedroom.

Even my refrigerator chalk board has a sign.

Even my plates have a pretty message.

This sign was gifted to me by a dear friend for a house warming gift.  

My tea mug that greets me each morning.

A wonderful reminder to see each day.
I want to make a few change ups to my guest bedroom and also the master bedroom and bath.    I find it amazing that sometimes little changes make the biggest difference in your decor.
So as winter marches on I hope to get a little decor bling going here soon.
Have a great week ahead.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Dingy to Pretty

Happy First Week of The New Year!!!!

I had my great grandmother's cedar chest up stairs in my bedroom and decided it might need a new home down in the living room.

I know a lot of you understand the switch-r-roo's of changing pieces up!!!
Love this cedar chest of my great grandmother's.  It is just so old that it has yellowed over the past few years.  No problem I have white paint lol!!!! Yep, I definitely have white paint on hand in Junk Chic Cottage!!!!

I kept the paint light on the brush and just lightly brushed the paint onto the chest.  I still wanted the chippy to show through.  Just wanted to whiten and brighten her a bit.

I am  happy with pure white with a touch of texture added in my decor.  Just wish I could capture the whites a little better with the ole camera!!!!  While the pictures come out a little washed the room is serene and pretty in white. 

Before I say Good Bye.  I wanted to share a sweet little basket I got from Santa  for my throws.  Love finding little gifts like this under the tree.  No precious jewels for me Santa.  Just give me a sweet little throw basket and I am a happy girl!

Have a great start to the new year.  Wishing all of you soooo much happiness and inspiration in the new year.

Friday, December 30, 2016

This Nest Is Blessed.

Happy Friday.  Hoping your last week of 2016 has been a good one.  

I had a great outing with a friend Tuesday.  We took a road trip from Chicago to Hudsonville, Michigan to The Found Cottage.
A pretty 2 hour drive and we were there.

The Found Cottage

I will take you on a little tour of the shop and then show you what I "Found"!

This beauty was calling to me but I  just do not have the wall space for her.  She was gorgeous.

Then I saw this pretty painted nest on a old tin!!!  Checked off all my must have's.  White, chippy and pretty. Then.....

I saw this one too and decided this needed to come home with me.   Beautifully painted on old rusty tins.  I picked this one because the beautiful painting just stood out more.

Of course I had to paint the frame with a little white!!! 

Now that the Christmas decor is down I am looking to fill some spaces and this sweet sign landed here.

For now this is where this pretty new addition will stay.  As you know things tend to move around at The Junk Chic Cottage!!!!! For now I am liking it here.

I want to wish all of you a brand new year full of great health, happiness, lots of joy and of course many new creative adventures.

Thank you for your sweet blogging friendships and taking time to stop by my blog.  I appreciate each and everyone of you that take time to leave your sweet comments.

I am looking forward to starting the year off with visits to all your wonderful blogs and seeing all your new adventures.

Happy 2017.